About Melody


Melody is a hardworking, self-motivated musician born and raised in San Diego, CA. She is excited about expanding her own professional career through the many avenues music can offer. A singer and songwriter first, Melody has extensively studied her craft and is eager to instill a sense of musical passion and ignite musical flames in the hearts of all who will listen.

The Musician

As a professional musician and singer, Melody's approach to music comes from a place of personal and field experience. Throughout her life, whether it be as part of numerous academic choir ensembles, performing my own compositions, or singing for corporate events such as weddings, parties, and outdoor concerts, music has provided Melody with opportunities to expand and enrich her life. She has worked diligently since childhood to further her musical education, and she has honed her skills in such a way that her versatile sound provides many opportunities. Be it Pop, Country, or Jazz, her soul shines through to each genre in a unique and distinct way. Currently, she is part of multiple groups, including a country band, a wedding band, as well as performing solo with her guitar.

The Educator

San Diego State University is my alma mater, and where I received my Bachelor in Music in Music Education degree. Through rigorous and extensive practicum classes, I was able to observe some of the best teachers in San Diego and learn from their programs how to inspire students through the power of music. My skill set includes creating unique lesson plans, working with elementary band and choir, being an organized leader, and providing multiple instrument instruction. Through the programs at SDSU, I have been able to work with professors and musicians throughout San Diego. These educators have taught me Orff and Kodály techniques, as well as other methodology, which align with many of my own teaching philosophies. My instructional experiences are an excellent addition to any music program and it is with great joy that I am able to share my expertise and impart an appreciation for this most important form of the arts to formative minds.